The vision behind “How Pathetic” stems from acknowledging shared experiences of self-doubt, failure, and vulnerability. Rather than celebrating shortcomings, the platform aims to redefine what it means to be “pathetic” by embracing these moments as catalysts for personal growth and resilience. The goal is to encourage individuals to explore and share their stories, fostering conversations that celebrate the imperfect, genuine, and beautifully human aspects of life, love, and heartbreak.

Please Note: While we encourage you to submit your story, not every story will be selected. Please know that this in no way diminishes your experience or its importance to us. If your story is chosen to be published on our site, it will be done anonymously. Your name and your email will NOT be posted…only your journey!

We will notify you via email to tell you if your submission has been accepted 3-5 business days following your submission. We thank you for your participation and sharing your story with our community.