Light Switch Love

Light Switch Love

"We “dated” for a month and then she said she lost feelings. A week later we got back together, 2 months after that she ended it again because she wasn’t sure what she wanted. It’s been a month and a half and she’s giving me the eyes again. GOING IN FOR ROUND 3🔥😭💯"

An excerpt from the community makes us realize how easy it is to fall into the same trap of "he loves me he loves me not". However, if you're going through a situation similar to this, let us tell you, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE YOU! Situationships are a necessary part of self growth, self love, and learning how to respect yourself. Specifically this situation, is what we like to call "light switch love." On again, off again, on again, off again, until eventually the bulb burns out. Word of advice, conserve your energy and do not waste your time on someone who wants to abuse your light, as "ushy gushy" as that sounds. 

xoxo- How Pathetic

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